What are the "truth about" workshops?

The truth about series discusses topical subjects directly relating to health and well being; engaging facts to empower employees to make informed changes. Talks can be delivered on site at a frequency and time to suit your needs and subject matters can be individual or grouped by topic.


What kind of exercise classes?

Exercise can sometimes be intimidating, especially new forms of exercise. To encourage the engagement and to offer new experiences we have and can deliver Yoga, flexibility, meditation, circuit training and couch to 5K programs. Although, it is common to find that when we fact find, employees will offer ideas of exercise they would like to try and we are more than happy to facilitate any ideas presented to us.

How can we use the "taster give it a go" day?

Let us fact find for you - we will explain all the facets of the program to your employees and listen to their needs and suggestions in relation to what they feel they need to improve their health and well being. In addition, we will deliver sample components of the plan for the work force to experience. Fact finding and feedback allows us to present to you, the employer, with an accurate recommendation of a lifestyle plan based on your employee feedback.


How does the massage onsite help my business?

Modern lifestyles encourage bad posture and bad posture encourages the development of tight and shortened muscle groups. Massage therapy in the work place offers a quick non-invasive solution to the reduction of tight soft tissue and encourages a reduction in muscular tension which directly relates to the reduction of stress levels.

Is mental health a part of this program?

Mental health is directly referenced in every component of the program; as a self help tool to those who are experiencing mental health issues and to those who need educating on recognition and support of mental health in the workplace. As well as education, we support the understanding and self help components with group and individual counselling, presentations by inspirational speakers and support by the delivery of different and alternative coping strategies.


How does diet affect my employees and the way they work?

What we eat and drink daily can have a huge impact on mood and productivity. Understanding modern nutrition enables us to make smart choices. A good nutrition and diet plan can improve efficiency, performance and confidence.