Fit For industry has researched many topics and strategies, gathering information to deliver efficient programs in the work place, empowering employees to engage and more importantly understand informed lifestyle changes.


Education workshops

Our ‘Truth About’ series of informational education has proved so powerful in the workplace in empowering individuals to understand their lifestyle choices and how it impacts on their general health and mental well-being. Can be delivered individually or as group topics over weeks or months.

On site massage therapy

Our team provide on site seated or bed based massage as a relaxation modality or to aid with the recovery of specific injuries. This has proved so popular in the work place and is always fully booked.

Exercise taster sessions

New forms of exercise can sometimes be intimidating. We aim to deliver new concepts to the workplace, employees can try these and will have the opportunity to ask our experienced qualified instructors questions.

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Regular on-site exercise class

Having routine is essential to the success of any health and well-being program. Our busy lifestyles sometimes slide our priority to exercise. On site exercise classes can offer a solution to employees during the day or after work.

On and off site team building

Employees will benefit from taking a step away from their day-to-day work to build team spirit and morale - We can organise team building days off site or small events at lunch time, which can be equally as beneficial.

Inspirational speakers

Speakers with industry and non industry experiences have proved invaluable in empowering


Posture right desk fitting

Our qualified Physiotherapist has a specific qualification in work place desk ergonomics. It is legal obligation to keep staff safe, happy and healthy at their desk.

Desk fit

Performing regular desk exercises is a great way to keep muscles relaxed and prevent them from becoming stiff and sore.

Workplace counselling

Often there is evidence that counselling support can accelerate the rehabilitation of an absent employee.


Scheme discounts

As part of the Fit for Industry program we have negotiated discounts with local health, lifestyle and mental well-being providers.

Concierge service

We help individuals with organising any aspects of their lives to reduce unnecessary stress. Let us help your staff to do the things that they either don't have time for or things they hate doing, but need to be done; Essentially outsourcing these sort of tasks to us no matter how big or small can impact hugely on an individuals quality of life.


Taster "give it a go" full or half day

Let us present to your workforce and fact find for you. We can briefly explain the program, bring the massage therapists along and set up some small sample exercise classes.